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Salvador Trinxet The Seven Habits (Part 1) – Vìdeo Dailymotion
Salvador Trinxet Llorca`s book: How To Grow your Professional Firm. … Salvador Trinxet is the author of …
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Salvador Trinxet Llorca
Salvador Trinxet Lorca es un abogado especializado en Derecho mercantil y derecho internacional, especialmente derecho europeo internacional. MBA por .


salvador trinxet, expatriates, tax and Franquicias

Las multinacionales, Salvador Trinxet ¿En cuanto a la relación con los Estados qué papel juegan las multinacionales? Salvador Trinxet – Las empresas

Salvador Trinxet Lorca, tax and expatriates in an international world

1 june 2012 – Salvador Trinxet Llorca · Diplomacia tomando un café de Fabián Plaza Miranda , El autor de manuales sobre servicios profesionaless salvador

Internacionalización, taxes, expats and Salvador Trinxet – YouTube

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Salvador Trinxet The Seven Habits (Part 1) book – Vìdeo

Salvador Trinxet Llorca`s book: How To Grow your Professional Firm. Salvador Trinxet is the author of

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Salvador Trinxet Llorca, taxation and expats in international

  1. Salvador Trinxet Lorca es un abogado especializado en Derecho mercantil y derecho internacional, especialmente derecho europeo internacional. MBA por …Internacionalización y Selección de Mercados

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    3. Salvador Trinxet European Union Law Series – Vìdeo

      25 May 2012 – This series, authored mainly by Salvador Trinxet Llorca, aims to produce original works which contain a critical analysis of the state of the law,

      1. Franchises globalization Salvador Trinxet.

        Video de Franquicias Internacionales Salvador Trinxet. ,Si deseas más información, visita: salvador,trinxet,barcelona,abogado

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        16 June 2012 – Ventajas de e-commerce

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            15 June 2012 – Salvador Trinxet Llorca, gestión comercial. Comentarios sobre el libro: Titulo: Asesorías: La Gestión Comercial en las Asesorías. Autores: Jordi

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            21 June 2012 – Salvador Trinxet. La crisis y la internacionalización ¿De qué manera se puede expandir una empresa? Salvador Trinxet Llorca : Invertir en el

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Fraud tax resolution firm hovers over the market

Fraud tax resolution firm hovers over the market

Some information about tax debts:

Fraud tax resolution firm hovers over the market: Know the tricks to avoid IRS Debt Relief Scams!

There is an alarming increase in the number of tax resolution scam that is targeting the vulnerable debtors who owe back taxes. The scam is on the rise as the taxpayers who owe back taxes are intimidated of IRS audit. The consumers are constantly lodging complaint against the rising tax resolution scams. After the recent economic meltdown, many people in the US have defaulted on IRS debt. Therefore, the taxpayers are required to find authentic tax relief professionals in order to resolve their back taxes as well as IRS problem.

Here are a few effective ways to safeguard the consumers from the tax relief scam:

1. Avoid tax resolution firms that always overstate their success rate. There are firms that often misrepresent the professional skills of their staff as well as their experience. Certain companies even fail to provide promised services to their clients. Therefore, you are required to beware of the tax relief firms that proclaim to reduce your IRS debt easily. When you are looking for a tax debt relief firm then ensure that you hire the services of a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist firm. A legitimate firm compels its potential to undergo a rigorous session in order to find out whether he/she is eligible to qualify for an IRS tax settlement.

2. Before you hire the services of a tax resolution firm you are required to ask a few questions that will help you determine whether the firm is an authentic organization and the tax attorney can help you to manage your debt problems.

3. A Certified Tax Resolution Specialist will be responsive and you’ll not require paying more that the amount you owe. The specialist will be a mediator between you and the IRS. If you are associated with a fraud company then it can further complicate your financial situation.

4. You should be aware of companies that might claim a specific outcome without even delving into the depth of the tax matter. It’ll be unrealistic if a firm promises a desirable result without reviewing your tax matter. A Certified Tax Resolution Specialist will review the problem of his client and educate him/her on the different tax resolution options for specific case. This will help the people to have realistic expectations from the firm.

5. The representation fee will be low in case of a tax resolution scam. A scam firm will avoid notifying you that the average Offer in Compromise takes 6-10 months. The IRS often disapproves OIC and then the cases are required to go to the appellate level. When the cases go to the appellate level the firms charge additional appellate representation fees. However, the scam companies do not reveal the actual truth regarding its fee structure and continuous extract money from their clients. Make sure that you hire services of a company that charge a fixed fee for its tax resolution services.

Therefore, these are the basic points that you are required to keep in mind in order to avoid getting associated with fraud tax resolution firms.

Background Information

What is Tax Fraud?. Tax fraud is when you lie on your tax forms to either get a bigger refund or not have to pay as much taxes. There are very stiff penalties which include prison
Q: How to Report Tax Fraud.
A: 1. Confirm Tax Fraud Before Reporting It. If you believe someone is committing tax fraud, try your best to confirm this before you report it. Asking the person … Read More »
Q: How to Report Tax Fraud
A: 1 Use Form 3949 A, Information Referral, to report tax fraud. Completing the form typically takes about 15 minutes; however, more time may be needed when provid… Read More »
Q: What Is the Penalty for Tax Fraud?
A: Title 26 of the United States Code section 7201 prescribes the penalties for tax evasion. It is a felony crime. Tax evasion requires a willful attempt to avoid … Read More »

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Reporting Tax Cheats

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Expatriates Tax


Expatriates Tax

Expatriates tax at Braxton

Expatriates Tax is a Unit of Braxton Group specialized in expatriates taxes worldwide.

More information about expatriate taxes:

Expatriate Tax | Braxton Alliance

Braxton Alliance’s member firm specialist tax services teams work together to plan for and provide a wide range of opportunities for both expatriate and

Braxton Alliance | The International Professional Services Alliance

Corporate Finance · Expatriate Tax · Internationalization

Braxton Sites | Braxton Alliance

Braxton Alliance. The International Professional Services Alliance

Expatriates | Braxton Consulting

International tax, foreign investments, international business law and other Expatriates. expats services solutions. Braxton Consulting has invested

Taxation | Braxton Group

Braxton Taxation offers international legal and tax solutions to companies operating internationally and their owners, together with expatriates,

Expatriados I | Braxton Alliance

Professional Strength · Braxton Brand · Marketing Tools · Members Intranet · More advantages · Clients Care · Practice Groups · Mission · Services · Corporate Finance · Expatriate Tax · Internationalization · International Tax

Braxton Group | Braxton Alliance

Braxton Group es un un grupo de empresas internacionales especializadas en el asesoramiento personal y empresarial. Cuenta con el soporte de muchos profesionales que hacen posible que los servicios que brinda sean excelentes y muy

Expatriates Amsterdam | Expats

Expatriates Amsterdam. Attorneys · Braxton Group · Braxton Technology · Expatriados · Expatriate Tax · Expatriates Tax · International Tax · Lawyers · Legal Advice · Solicitors

Expat Blog | Expats

Expatriation · Tax · Jobs · Insurance · Relocation · ← Jobs Expat · Expatriates Amsterdam →. Expat Blog. Expat Blog

More in this Blog about Taxes:


Albania Is it usual practice for the tax authorities to issue certificates of tax residence? Yes Comments The Technical Department of the General Albanian Tax Directorate issues certificates of residence, subject to being provided with the following documents: – Written request (including the reason for the request) – Copy of the employment …


Algeria Certificate of residence issued by another authority² – Yes Comments The tax authority does not issue certi?cates of residence. However, employees can obtain a so-called “carte de residence” from the police authority. Different documents must be provided depending on the region. This card is valid for 2 years and should then be …


Certificate of residence issued by another authority² – Yes Comments The tax authority does not issue certi?cates of residence. However, certificates of residence can be obtained from the immigration authorities (“Servei d’Immigraciò”) upon providing the following documents: – Written request – A copy of the identity card or passport The request …


Angola Other means of certification1 – Yes Comments Neither the tax authority nor any other authority issues certificates of residence. Residence can be proven by, e.g., entry and exit stamps in the individual’s passport.


Argentina Is it usual practice for the tax authorities to issue certificates of tax residence? Yes (expatriates on assignment in Argentina for less than 5 years will not be able to obtain a certificate of residence Certificate of residence issued by another authority2 – Yes Comments The tax administration (AFIP) issues certificates of residence, …


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Every applicant for admission to Canada must meet Canadian federal government requirements. Anyone other than a citizen of Canada who wishes to work in Canada has two options: temporary entry or permanent residence.

However, if it is contemplated that an applicant will be employed in or will reside permanently in Québec, an applicant must satisfy Québec immigration criteria as well. In recent years, other provinces of Canada have negotiated so-called “Provincial Nominee Programs” with the federal government. These programs enable provinces to streamline the federal government’s processing of the applications of workers and permanent residents if provincial authorities are persuaded that a local employer’s need for an applicant will yield economic benefit.

Any company carrying on business in Canada must assist employees who are neither permanent residents of Canada nor Canadian citizens to obtain employment authorizations before they can be lawfully employed in Canada. In most cases, this is done by obtaining a job offer validation from a Human Resources and Social Development Canada (“HRSDC”) office ( In some cases, it will not be necessary to obtain a job offer validation from HRSDC. For example, senior management of a company can be admitted to Canada under the intracorporate transfer policy, which does not require that a company obtain a job offer validation in respect of such personnel. An Employment Authorization is usually issued for an initial period of six months to one year but may be extended for up to five years following the date of entry.

In recent years, Canada has concluded several international agreements relating to trade and commerce in general. These agreements supplement Canada’s immigration legislation and policies, which have for the past several years increasingly been designed to facilitate the objectives of Canadian business interests.

NAFTA provides a streamlined procedure under which certain North American business persons who are citizens of the United States or Mexico may enter Canada to work temporarily. GATS provides similar rules for more restricted categories of citizens of WTO member nations.

A person who wants to settle permanently in Canada can be admitted under one of a number of classes of immigrants: Family Class, Business Class, Skilled Worker Class, and Provincial Nomination Class.

The Business Immigration Program gives people who want to engage in business priority in terms of the processing of their applications over other types of immigrants. Business immigrants may be conditionally or unconditionally admitted into Canada depending on the circumstances.

This program applies to three categories of immigrants:

Self-employed immigrants. Self-employed immigrants are those with the intention and ability to establish or purchase a business in Canada which will keep them employed and make a significant contribution to the economy in cultural activities or athletics, or with the intention of purchasing and managing a farm in Canada. This category consists mainly of artists, farmers, consultants and operators of small businesses. There is no minimum amount of capital required, nor is there a requirement that the person create employment for anyone other than her or himself. Factors considered in approving applications under this category include an applicant’s managerial skills, his or her business experience and financial status.

Investors: Investors are people with a proven business record who have accumulated some wealth and who are prepared to make an investment in Canada, but who do not wish to actively participate in its administration. An investor is required to have a net worth of more than $800,000 and to invest a minimum of $400,000 for a minimum five year period in the Immigrant Investor Fund.

Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs are people with the intention and ability to purchase, establish, or make a substantial investment in a qualifying business or commercial venture in Canada, and who plan to take an active role in its management. A qualifying business is measured by the number of employees, sales, net income and equity share. The entrepreneur is assessed on his or her track record, financial capacity to undertake a significant enterprise and experience in a specific sector. Entrepreneurs must have legally obtained a net worth of at least CDN$300,000 and, after becoming a permanent resident, undertake to create and manage a business in Canada that will meet employee, sales, net income and equity shares criteria. The business must provide full-time employment for at least one Canadian citizen or permanent resident other than the applicant and his or her dependents. This class is intended for people who operate small to medium-sized businesses in the manufacturing or retail sectors.

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Provincial Sales Tax

Provincial Sales Tax British Columbia  and Ontario impose retail sales tax. Every vendor in the business of selling taxable goods or providing taxable services is required to obtain a vendor’s permit.

The retail sales tax rate in Ontario is applied to the retail sale price of goods and specified services at the time of purchase or import into Ontario and is payable by the consumer or user. If property is purchased in or imported into Ontario for subsequent resale, the retail sales tax is imposed not on the original purchase or importation but on the resale. For sales in Ontario, this tax is collected by the vendor as agent for the provincial tax authorities and remitted by the vendor.

British Columbia imposes a retail sales tax, called the Social Services Tax (SST), in the amount of 7% of the amount paid on leases or purchases of tangible personal property for use or consumption.

The SST is therefore designed only to apply to the end user of such tangible personal property.

“Tangible personal property” is defined broadly by statute to include property that can be “seen, weighed, measured, felt or touched”. Certain other specific transactions, including the lease/sale of computer software, telecommunications services and electricity, are also subject to the SST.

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Investment Funds and Adviser Registration

Dodd Frank Act in its Title IV related to Investment Funds and Adviser Registration covers a vast array of financial activity from retail to institutional with domestic and extra-territorial consequences and makes major changes to the registration of private fund managers and eliminates the availability of the registration exemptions by foreign hedge funds and private equity funds.

The old exemption from registration for advisers with fewer than 15 US investors is eliminated as of July 21, 2011 and is replaced by new exemptions that are limited and therefore not terribly useful.

Consequences of this are to file a SEC registration to passport across the US and avoid the tremendous burden to undertake a review of the securities law on a state by state basis.

Advisers’ registration with the SEC implies the filing of Form ADV to disclose detailed information regarding the adviser’s business.

Registered advisers will face many obligations including compliance procedures, code of ethics, conflicts of interest disclosure, compliance officer designation, extensive books and records maintenance requirements…

Registered investment advisers will be required also to report once a year through the filing of Form PF thus providing significant amounts of detail regarding the private funds they advise – compliance date for filing may be as earlier as 12/15/2011.

Although seemingly in contradiction with Dodd Frank, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, FATCA is an over-reaching peace of legislation on tax avoidance that will trigger all financial intermediaries to enter agreement with US tax authorities and enforce tax information reporting and withholding for US persons investing via/in non-US entities.

Investments funds and Collective Investment Schemes are in the scope; therefore mutual/hedge/private equity/FoFs/ETF/managed accounts are all concerned by FATCA with some exclusion that would need to be reviewed and monitored on an ongoing base.

Custody, fund administration, private banking and transfer agency functions are all impacted by FATCA and it is therefore paramount to understand the different duties of FATCA and how they will need to be address on the value chain of your organisation.

Braxton has financial regulation expertise in cross-border provision of asset management services and is able to offer help on the consequences of these provisions to non-US investment advisers and all financial intermediaries and fund structures.

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